Hide user activity

In some countries the works council (Betriebsrat) might want to hide your and other user's activity. 

To do it, paste the following entries to KanBo web.config into app settings section.

There are 3 options:

Show all user's activity - it is perfect to find staff you have been working on with others

<add key="KanBoUserActivity" value="all" />

Hide all user's activity, except for your own account - so you basically can see what you did

<add key="KanBoUserActivity" value="only-me" />

Hide all user's activity, including your own activity

<add key="KanBoUserActivity" value="none" />

Here's the example.

This is how you can see the user's activity when the setting is turned for all.

After setting it to none, you are not able to click on Show Activity (button is gone).

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