Export all board to CSV file

The Exporter component will retrieve all data from a Board (or from multiple Boards) for you.


1.Go to your KanBo package (on-premise, it would be most possibly C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder, on Azure, it would be https://{yourKanBoAddress}.scm.azurewebsites.net -> Debug Console -> Powershell -> Site -> wwwroot).

2. Open the Extensions folder and move 2 files there: ExportToCSV folder and KanBo.ExportToCSVPlugin.dll.

3. Start editing web.config. Add the following entry in the <plugins> section. Ajust the path entry to match the location of KanBo's Extensions folder.

<plugin alias="export-to-csv-plugin" name="export-to-csv-plugin" path="your path to Extensions folder\ExportToCSV" />

Using Exporter

  1. Firstly, go to your default KanBo site. Once it's loaded, enter https://{YourKanBoAddress}/plugins/export-to-csv/ (example: https://kanboshowroom.onkanbo1.eu/plugins/export-to-csv/).
  2. You will see the Exporter's interface right away. In the first window, you can see Boards which you can select to be exported.

3.  Once you choose a Board, it will be added to the second window. You can use Select all button to select all boards or use Deselect all to unselect all previously selected boards.

4. When boards are selected, click on Export selected.

5. Depending on the size of your Board, in a couple of seconds/minutes, a ready export file will be downloaded.

Its name is KanBoCSVExport.zip.

Extract it. Inside of the folder, you will see folders matching names of your exported Boards.

6.Enter a folder and inside it you will see 4 csv files for:

- Cards

- Chat

- Files

- Info

Each one of these files can be imported into Excel in a form of a table. Simply go to Excel -> Data -> Import Data -> select csv file -> Load your file.

Cards CSV

This file will show you:

  • Card's title
  • Information if a Card has been archived or not.
  • Users of a card (the first person is the responsible person, others are co-workers separated by “;”)
  • Relations (grouped by parents, children, successors, predecessors) as card names separated by “;” so 4 columns, each for one type of relation, no subcard group names
  • Due dates, start dates, Custom Card dates, NO Personal dates!, so 3 columns, for custom dates [name of custom date]/Date separated by “;” if more than one
  • Labels separated by “;”
  • Status (if enabled, show the name, if disabled because of list roles, show disabled)
  • Card’s Notes as pairs of Title/Content separated by “;”
  • To do lists, export structure Name/Todo1#todo2#todo3 separate todo lists by “;” info about completed is obsolete
  • Documents added to a Card, document group names obsolete, just a list of document names separated by “;”
  • Card's activities - user's comments
  • Link to a card (URL)

Chat CSV

This file will show you Board chat messages – each Thread one line in CSV, first message, then “;” then subsequent messages divided by “;”.

Info CSV

This file will show you  Board general info all fields as columns as well as the most basic KanBo Board information: settings, join mode, available labels etc.

      Files CSV

      This file will show you a list of documents which were added to Board: their names, urls and full urls. If you would like to download files to your PC, it would have to be performed manually. 

      If you would like to download a single file, you can enter the full url of a document and download it right away. If you would like to download all files from this Board, proceed with the following steps.

      You can download all Board's data by using files of a Document Source attached to a Board.

      This will help you to keep Board's documents together with Excel files exported from a Board.

      1. Enter a Board, go to the Documents section. Then select the button

      and click on Go to source.

      Select all Documents belonging to the Document Source and download them.

      Unzip the downloaded .zip file containing your Board's documents.

      You can change the folder's name f. ex. to the name of Board from which it comes from.

      Copy this folder (use CRTL+C combination) and paste it into a folder representing a Board (CRTL+V).

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