Enable Alarm reminders

Enabling Alarms reminders (in the web.config)

1.Go to KanBo web.config (In Azure installation go to https://{your kanbo address}.scm.azurewebsites.net -> Debug console -> Powershell -> Site -> wwwroot -> web.config) and start editing it. 

2. Now paste the following entry in the <plugins> section.
<job.alarm-reminder name="alarm-job"/>

<job-host name="alarm-job-host" background="true" options="repeat wait_after(15s) log_time(debug) catch">

<job name="alarm-job" />


You can adjust the options using the following values to match your needs:
    - `log_time(log_level)` - will log the step on the right to log if it finishes successfully
      - log levels are: `debug`, `info`, `warn`, `error`, `fatal`
    - `timeout(time)` - will tell the step on the right to stop in the middle of processing if it occurs and instruct it to discard the pipeline on the left until it's caught by `catch`
    - `wait_before(time)` - will tell the step on the right to wait immediately before running
    - `wait_after(time)` - will tell the step on the right to wait immediately after running
    - `bg` - will detach steps on the right from the pipeline and complete immediately (do not use `repeat bg` - it will spawn as much pipelines as possible)
    - `repeat` - will instruct the pipeline on the right to repeat forever
    - `catch` - will instruct the pipeline to catch any errors on the right side of pipeline, if not set, any failure will crash the whole pipeline

3. Save the web.config.

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