Installation in a Site Collection of Office 365 Group

Every Office 365 Group has it's own Site Collection on SharePoint. You can install KanBo on almost every Site Collection on SharePoint as well as on your group's one.

You can perform here full KanBo installation on Office 365 as well as KanBo trial installation on this environment. The only difference is that you add KanBo on the particular group's Site Collection - nothing more changes from the common installation process.

Here we introduce an exemplary installation of KanBo Trial on Group's Site Collection.

Creating an Office 365 Group

Go to the Office 365 Admin Center.

Enter Groups section -> Groups.

Create a Group by clicking on Add a Group.

Fill in all fields, make it public and choose an owner for it.

Create App Catalog

App catalog is required for your Office 365 to keep your Apps in a single place. KanBo will be placed here as well.

If you have your App catalog already in place you can continue with next step (Registering the App in your Office 365). If you do not have the App catalog in your Office 365, please follow these steps to create one.

Enter Admin center -> SharePoint.

In the SharePoint admin center navigate to apps section. Click on App Catalog.

Select Create a new app catalog site.

You can choose the title of the catalog freely. Web Site Address should stay at its default values and the last field in this section should be named “appcatalog”. Choose your language in Language Selection. Choose your Time Zone and add yourself as an Administrator. The default value for App catalog is 300 resources because App catalog does not need to perform any operations besides storing your Apps. Click OK when all fields are filled.

Registering the App in your Office 365

Enter into your browser the following URL and press enter:
https://{name of your Office 365 tenant}
You can see it in the screen below.

In KanBo trial installation scenario - please copy values from the download email and paste them into appropiate places.

In KanBo full installation scenario - please generate Client ID and Client Secret and enter the app title, App Domain and Redirect URL.

In SharePoint Admin Center, please go to the App Catalog.

Go to Admin Center -> SharePoint -> Apps -> App Catalog.

Click on Distribute Apps for SharePoint.

Upload there previously modified with your Client ID and Web App Address.

Adding KanBo to a Group's Site Collection.

Go to your Group's Site Collection.

Simply add your group's name in the following address and enter it.

While being in the Group's site collection, enter Settings and click Add an App.

Click on KanBo. If "You can't add this app here" communicate appears, please click on "Find out why".

Click on Request Approval.

Go to your App Catalog. Click on App Requests.

Click on KanBo and Approve App.

Go to your Group's Site Collection. Click Settings -> Add an App.

Click on KanBo and then click "Trust it".

KanBo app will be added to your Group Site Collection. It takes 10-30 seconds depending on the current load of Office 365.

Initial run of KanBo

Once the KanBo App has been added you can proceed with the initial run of KanBo.

Click on the KanBo tile.

You will be directed to the KanBo Setup page. Choose the Automatic Setup button.

After choosing Automatic Setup button, installation of KanBo Setup will proceed.Wait a couple of seconds until it is finished.

Wait until communicate "KanBo is now usable" appears. Click on "Go back" to move to your KanBo.

You can now enjoy KanBo!

Adding users

After installing KanBo, only the user who has installed it obtains access to the app. In order to allow others to use KanBo they need to be added.

You can add all users from your Office 365 tenant to KanBo, not only ones belonging to your Office 365 Group.

User permissions from Office 365 group have no impact on KanBo permissions - you can assign them to users freely.

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