KanBo Installation on Office 365 and Azure

Following article describes how to install KanBo trial version on your Office 365, which is generated at KanBo Trial request page.

You need to have an active Office 365 tenant which can be an Office 365 trial as well as to be able to install the KanBo trial on it. Please make sure that you have Office 365 Tenant Administrator rights to install KanBo trial. If you do not have the Tenant Administrator rights then please follow this manual.

In this scenario KanBo backend is hosted on our Azure subscription. Learn more about KanBo architecture.

If you installed a trial version of KanBo on your Office 365 already and it expired, you will need to perform additional cleaning steps required to remove the old installation before you can install a new trial. Otherwise you may run into errors.

In case of any questions regarding the installation please contact us at support@kanbozone.com


The following prerequisites need to be fulfilled in order to install the KanBo app.

Request KanBo Trial

You can request a KanBo trial for Office 365 here - http://trykanbo.com/

Simply fill in the following form and wait until KanBo trial is prepared. You will be provided with the whole installation information in the new tab of a browser and by email which will be sent to you.

App catalog

App catalog is required for your Office 365 to keep your Apps in a single place. KanBo will be placed here as well. If you have your App catalog already in place you can continue with Step 8 (Registering the App in your Office 365). If you do not have the App catalog in your Office 365, please follow these steps to create one

Step 1 and 2:
Click in the left upper corner of your Office 365 portal and open menu and click Admin tile.

Step 3:
On the left menu at the bottom of list choose SharePoint in the Admin Center section.

Step 4:
In the SharePoint admin center navigate to apps section.

Step 5:
Click on App Catalog.

Step 6
Choose option to create new app catalog site.

Step 7:
You can choose the title of the catalog freely. Web Site Address should stay at its default values and the last field in this section should be named “appcatalog”. Choose your language in Language Selection. Choose your Time Zone and add yourself as an Administrator. The default value for App catalog is 300 resources of the Server Resource Quota because App catalog does not need to perform any operations besides storing your Apps. Click OK when all fields are filled.

Step 8:
Wait until the App catalog is created. It can take up to between 1-10 minutes depending on how busy your Office 365 is.

When App catalog is ready the animated circle will disappear like you can see in the screen below and the "new" icon will appear..

Now we need to register the KanBo App in your Office 365 environment.

Registering the App in your Office 365

Step 9:
Enter into your browser the following URL and press enter:
https://{name of your Office 365 tenant}.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx
You can see it in the screen blow.


Step 10:Now you have to copy/paste the values we supplied to you by KanBo Trial Page.
Do NOT click on “Generate”!
Enter the exact values we have supplied to you within the email. They were generated especially for your Office 365 and this key/secret combination exists only once.

Pay attention to remove spaces at the beginning and at the end of every value after copying into fields. This is where most of the mistakes happen.

Now hit the Create button at the bottom and you should see the next screen but with your values.

Adding the App to the App Catalog

Step 11:
Now navigate to App catalog URL that you have created after Step 7. In this example it is
Once you are there please click on Apps for SharePoint like shown below.

Step 12:
Click on upload button to upload the KanBo.app. You should download the KanBo.app from the download link we send you in the email. This KanBo.app is going to work only on your Office 365 because it was generated especially for your environment.

Step 13 and 14:

Upload KanBo.app file you downloaded from the KanBo Trial Page and click on "OK" button.

Step 15:

After success you will see KanBo.app in Apps for SharePoint App catalog like in the screen below.

Now KanBo is prepared to be installed on your Site Collection. You can choose your default one which is always the name of your tenant + .sharepoint.com . In this example it is: https://officekanbo.sharepoint.com or you can add the KanBo App to any other Site Collection. Next section shows how to add KanBo to a Site Collection.

Do not install KanBo in AppCatalog! Please, do it on the Site Collection.

Add KanBo app to your Site Collection

Step 16: 

Enter a Site Collection. Click on the gear in the right upper corner and choose Add an app on the root site of your desired site collection.

Step 17:
Click on KanBo app tile.

Step 18:

A "You can't add this app here." communicate will appear. To solve this issue, simply click Find out why link.

Step 19:

After you enter the next site, please click Request Approval link.

Step 20:

Simply send it by pressing Request. No need to type any text into white area.

Step 21:

At https://YOUR TENANT NAME.sharepoint.com/sites/appcatalog/AppRequests/ActiveRequests.aspx or in App Catalog -> App Requests you might find your pending request for KanBo app approval. 

Step 22:

Approve it to move forward.

Step 23:

Move back to the Site Collection. Click on the gear in the right upper corner and choose Add an app on the root site of your desired site collection.

Click on the KanBo tile and next, click on the "Trust it!" button.

Step 24:

Enter the Site Contents.

KanBo will be added to your Site Collection. It takes 10-30 seconds depending on the current load of Office 365.

Once the KanBo App has been added you can proceed with the initial run of KanBo.

First run of KanBo

Step 25:
Click on the KanBo app tile.

Step 26:
You will be redirected to KanBo activation. 

You will see the following window. Please insert here your installation ID which you received in the email from KanBo Team.

After inserting it, please click on Ready button.

Step 27:

Authenticate by using your Office 365 account (the one you used before for installation). Click Office 365 button. (Step 27) and wait for about 30-60 seconds until you are transferred in to KanBo setup. Do not close or touch the browser during this operation, please.

Step 28:

You will be directed to the KanBo Setup page. Choose the Automatic Setup button.

Step 29:

After choosing Automatic Setup button, installation of KanBo Setup will proceed (Step 26). Wait a couple of minutes until it is finished.

Step 30:

Click on Go back. You will be directed to your KanBo Landing Page.

Bravo! You have just installed KanBo on your Office 365. Now you can start fighting the Information Overload! Have fun and do not hesitate to contact with questions and remarks.

Possible problems during the first run of KanBo

After entering KanBo from your Site collectiom, there can appear 2 types of errors in the KanBo Setup (after step 26).

Please check what error appears in your setup and follow the instructions below,

Possible error 1:

This communicate can appear after step 26 of installation in the KanBo setup.

Please click on Advanced button.

After entering the Advanced setup, please click on License Status. As soon as "succeeded invoking GetLicence" log and data under Current license section appear, please click on Exit button.

Now please click on Automatic setup - as a result information about completing installation will be visible. Wait untill communicate "KanBo is now usable" appears. Click on "Go back" to move to your KanBo.

Possible error 2:

This communicate can appear after step 26 of installation in the KanBo setup.Please click on Advanced button.

You will be presented with the following logs in the Setup. Please click slowly on all buttons on the left side, except for Reaunthenticate button and Exit button.

After you click slowly on each of these buttons, logs will appear in the central section. Now please click on Exit.

Now please click on Automatic setup - as a result information about completing installation will be visible. Wait untill communicate "KanBo is now usable" appears. Click on "Go back" to move to your KanBo.

Your KanBo Team!

Click here to download PDF copy.


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