Setting up KanBo Email Notifications on premise

Following article describes configuration of KanBo email notifications. Only unread notifications are sent by email. Each user can tun it on or off individually and specify sending intervals.

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Unizip the to desired location.

Step 1: Update KanBo.EmailNotifications.exe.config file with your parameters

For detailed information about configuration follow attached readme.txt file.

Copy the connection strings (KanBoSqlConnectionString and KanBoProfilesConnectionString) from the KanBo web.config and put them to the KanBo.EmailNotifications.exe.config into <connectionStrings> section.

They should look like this:

  <add name="job" connectionString="Data Source=job.sqlite" providerName="System.Data.SQLite.EF6" />
  <add name="main" connectionString="<b>INSTANCES_DATABASE_CONNECTIONSTRING</b>" />
  <add name="profiles" connectionString="<b>PROFILES_DATABASE_CONNECTIONSTRING</b>" />

Then adjust settings in <kanbo> section. For on-premise installation it should be:


<kanbo link="<b></b>{id}" template="template.html" limit="100">
  <sender email="<b>sender@YOUR_DOMAIN.COM</b>" type="SmtpClient"> 
    <smtpClient DeliveryMethod="Network" Username="<b></b>” Password="<b>YOUR_PASSWORD</b>“ EnableSsl="<b>True</b>" Host="<b>mail.YOUR_DOMAIN.COM</b>" Port="<b>587</b>" />

Without SSL

<kanbo link="<b></b>{id}" template="template.html" limit="100">
  <sender email="<b>sender@YOUR_DOMAIN.COM</b>" type="SmtpClient">
    <smtpClient DeliveryMethod="Network" Username="<b></b>" Password="<b>YOUR_PASSWORD</b>” Host="<b>mail.YOUR_DOMAIN.COM</b>” Port="<b>25</b>" />

Sometimes relative paths does not work on certain environments - can you try to provide full path to:

1. <add name="job" connectionString="Data Source=c:\EMAIL_JOB_PATH\job.sqlite" providerName="System.Data.SQLite.EF6" />
2. <file value="c:\EMAIL_JOB_PATH\emailNotification.log" />
3. <kanbo link="{id}" template="c:\EMAIL_JOB_PATH\template.html" limit="100">

You can also use testTo to check configuration. Here is an example:

<kanbo link="https://<b>YOUR_KANBO_ADDRESS</b></b>{id}" template="template.html" limit="100">
  <sender email="<b>sender@YOUR_DOMAIN.COM</b>" type="SmtpClient" testTo="<b>EMAIL_WHERE_TO_SEND_TEST_MESSAGE@DOMAIN.COM</b>" > 
 <smtpClient DeliveryMethod="Network" Username="<b></b>" Password=”<b>YOUR_PASSWORD</b>" Host="<b>mail.YOUR_DOMAIN</b>" Port="<b>25</b>" />
 </sender> </kanbo>

Step 2: Create the Task Scheduler

Here is the simple example how to add KanBo Notification Task to the Windows Task Scheduler. Full manual for Windows Scheduled Tasks you can find in the Microsoft web site:

1. Execute Task Scheduler. Type basic data:
a) Name
b) Select user with proper privileges to execute task

If connection string to the KanBo database is Integrated Security=true, please be sure that typed user has read/write permissions to the KanBo database. 

3. Select Triggers tab and create a new trigger.

4. Select Actions tab and add new action pointing to the EXE file within the folder where you unpacked the file.


Step 5: Enable Email notifications in KanBo web.config

Open KanBo web.config and find “<add key="KanBoEmailNotifications" value="true" />” and ensure value is set to true and save the web.config.

After that clear your browser cache.

Step 5: Turn email notifications on you KanBo account

Navigate to MySettings by clicking on your user picture.

My Settings section will appear. Enter Notifications and set email notifications. You can disable them or configure them to appear every 15 minutes, 60 minutes or 24 hours.

From now on when you have a new notification in KanBo and you don't read it within KanBo or on your mobile App you will get email summing up all your unread KanBo notifications. Blow you can see an example of an email generated by KanBo.

Possible errors: 

"Something bad happened with AddtoGroup" error in email notifications

It means that these notifications are very old and not compatible with the new version of Kanbo your organization now has and, since the email notifications has been enabled recently, these old notifications are being sent to people which haven't entered KanBo before.

There is a solution to fix it. Please open the Content Database of KanBo in SQL Manager. Then please execute the following script on this database:  

UPDATE NotificationUsers SET WasMailed = 1

It will resen all MailNotification Counters to 0 and you should not be getting any errors with the email notifications.

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