Synchronisation of user pictures from SharePoint profiles to KanBo

How to install a Timer Job that synchronises user pictures from SharePoint profiles to KanBo.

You can download KanBoProfilesSyncTimerJob.wsp here.

  1. Add KanBoProfilesSyncTimerJob.wsp solution file to SharePoint using Add-SPSolution command
  2. Deploy package from the Centrall Administration
  3. Modify these parameters in install.ps1
    1. $url - the url of the Web Application on which Site Collection with KanBo exist
    2. $profilescx - connection string to the KanBo Profiles database ("KanBoProfilesConnectionString" in the web.config)
    3. $dbcs - connection string to the KanBo Instances database
      ("KanBoSqlConnectionString" in the web.config )
  4. Run Install.ps1
  5. Restart SharePoint Timer Service (IMPORTANT!!!)
  6. Run the job manually using the SharePoint Timer Job Management

Note: If you have thousands of users in your Active Directory or your SharePoint profile database, this timer job only synchronizes users that have been added to KanBo ( people who have access to at least one board)

Life is precious! Keep it simple. Don’t waste your time.

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