Update KanBo license

In certain scenarios (installation and update of KanBo as well as when license key expires), you will have to update your KanBo license. Please follow these steps to update your KanBo license.

Update KanBo License

Office 365 / Azure

To change your license on Office 365 you'll need to have Windows Azure administrative priviledges. The fastest way to edit KanBo web.config is to use KUDU service. If your KanBo url is for example https://kanbo-online-kanbo.azurewebsites.net/intranet/1# chage it to https://kanbo-online-kanbo.scm.azurewebsites.net/

Then selecte Debug console -> PowerShell from top navigate bar.

Update KanBo License on Kudu Service

Navigate to Sites -> wwwroot, scroll page to the bottom and edit web.config.

Update KanBo License on Kudu Service

Edit value in the <add key="KanBoLicenseKey" value="Your New key goes here" />

Once you Save changes your Azure websites will be restarted and changes will be applied.


Login your KanBo website to server hosting.

Open IIS manager. Click the right button on your KanBo website and select Explore.

Update KanBo License on IIS Manager

Edit web.config in the notepad and find <Add key="KanBoLicenseKey"=... entry. Delete the old value from it. Add the new key in  <add key="KanBoLicenseKey" value="Your New key goes here" />

Once you Save changes KanBo websites restart and the new key will be applied.

Reauthentication of your new License key

I. Enter your KanBo address. You will see the following communicate. Click on "OK" button.

II. Select "Advaned" button.

III. In setup, please click on Reauthenticate. When information about your License key appears below "Current license" field, please click on Exit.

You will be redirected to your KanBo Landing Page.

Possible issues:

1. "The key does not have enough users"

A KanBo license is always generated for an exact number of users. Sometimes after completing the following steps, you can see the "The key does not have enough users" communicate below the "Current license" field. This means that a current number of already added KanBo users is bigger than a number of users covered by a new license. To get rid of this issue, please deactivate an exact number of users so it will fit a number covered by license. Then, please click on "Reauthenticate" button.

To check a number of users covered by licence, please go to KanBo Landing Page -> Settings (General) -> KanBo Config -> Setup (Advanced) and click on Licence Status. You will see all information about your licence and it's number of users below the "Current license" field (how many licenses have been already used by users/how many are free to use).

You can also check basic info while moving into KanBo Landing Page -> Settings (General). You will see how many licenses are used/free.


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