Archive complete KanBo Boards into Excel files

In KanBo we greatly value safety and importance of your data. Sometimes there can happen a scenario in your company when backing up and moving your data into another device or exporting it out of KanBo for good is necessary. With this thought in mind, we have developed a KanBo Data Collector which allows you to export all data from KanBo into Excel files. Every part of the KanBo structure, from Board Collections to small elements of Cards will be preserved into format you already are familiar with.

With KanBo Data Collector, you will be able to download every KanBo Board you are added to. This feature is accessible for KanBo users on all permission levels.

It's your move now! Get instant access to KanBo!


  • Having KanBo installed in one of many possible installation models (Cloud or on premises) and having KanBo licenses for users.
  • Having Microsoft Office 2016 installed on your PC.
  • Downloading KanBo Data Collector - contact us at to receive the file for Data Collector.


1. Download KanBo Data Collector .

2. After downloading, unzip this folder and enter it. Double click on the DataCollector .exe file.

Exporting KanBo Boards into Excel files

1. The Data Collector is launched now. Enter your KanBo data in the following formats.

f. ex.



Password: exemplarypassword

In on premise environments, please use your Domain name: DOMAIN\\YourName

2. Press the "Authorize" button in order to get in and wait a few seconds.

If you receive a communicate "Cannot connect to site", you should check if your credentials and KanBo site address are valid.

3. After a couple of whiles, you will see the Ready to generate communicate. 

4. Now you can choose if you wish to generate:

- all boards to which you have access,

- only one board.

If you wish to generate Excel files of all your boards, click on Export all boards.

If you would like to generate Excel file of only one board, select one from the dropdown menu under Board section.

4. Click on Generate button and KanBo Data Collector will start exporting your Boards. This might take some time (sometimes even more than a hour), depending on how complex are your Boards.

 As soon as generating of the Excel files stops, you will be presented with the "Generating excel completed" communicate.

6. Enter My Documents section on your computer. You will be presented with a set of Excel files (if you chose Export all boards) or just one file (if you chose to export only one board)  Enter one of them.

7. A Board gets exported into the Excel file and every Card of this Board becomes a sheet of this file.

Card gets exported with all it's structure. You will be presented with:

    Organize and keep together the whole KanBo Board data

    I If you would like to collect all of your KanBo Board data for any reason, we strongly advice to organize and keep exported Excel files with Boards documents in folders.

    1. We recommend to create some new folders on your PC, each for a Board collection in your KanBo.

    As a next step, move Excel files from My Documents folder to appropiate new folders.

    (In this case Board Collections are "KanBo Corp." and "Events", so we will name folders after them. We moved Excel files representing Boards to their associated folders.)

    2. In Board Collection folder, create sub-folders for each Board. Move Excel files with Board data into appropiate folders.

    II You can also download all Board's data by using files of a Document Source attached to a Board.

    This will help you to keep Board's documents together with Excel files exported from a Board.

    1. Enter a Board, go to the Documents section. Then select the button

    and click on Go to source.

    Select all Documents belonging to the Document Source and download them.

    Unzip the downloaded .zip file containing your Board's documents.

    You can change the folder's name f. ex. to the name of Board from which it comes from.

    Copy this folder (use CRTL+C combination) and paste it into a folder representing a Board (CRTL+V).

    All Board's data is now in your reach. You can repeat using this metod to add Board documents to any Board folder on your computer.

    It's your move now! Get instant access to KanBo!

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