Clear cache in Internet Explorer

Step 1: Clear cache

After major updates in KanBo, it is recommended to clear cache i KanBo users' browser to avoid further issues.

Select Settings gear and choose Internet options.

In General menu select Settings in Browsing history group.

Select View files.

An Explorer window will appear. Delete all present files. As a next step, close Explorer window.

Then, click OK in Website Data Settings window.

Select Delete.

Ensure that first two checkboxes are marked and choose Delete button.

Now you can close Internet Options window.

Step 2: Clear local storage.

When you are still experiencing issues after KanBo update, you can perform following command in the browser console.

Please navigate to your KanBo Landing Page. This is a crucial issue because the local storage you are about to clear is connected to the URL of the KanBo Landing Page.

Select settings gear and F12 Developer Tools or hit F12 on your keyboard to open Developer tools.

Switch to console by selecting corresponding option on the menu or hit Ctrl+2.

Type or copy (pay attention to capitalization) localStorage.clear() and push little green play button in the right bottom corner or hit enter.

Once it’s done you will see command executed and "undefined" message in the console.

After cleaning cache you must restart your browser.

clearcache internet expolorer

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