KanBo plugin content loader

Some KanBo plugins (like KanBo Outlook Add-in or Webparts) are equipped with a folder which contains their content. 

The content folder should be normally added to KanBo Extensions folder on your IIS site or Azure WebApp. The Extensions folder must contain plugin's .dll files and folders with content. 

Case when you would like to have this content folder loaded from a different directory is now possible with the Content Loader functionality.

Example of xhanging directory of KanBoOutlookAppPlugin folder

Plugin can be found in:


Content folder will be found in:


Content location can be overriden by entering a special confiiguration in KanBo web.config file. A configuration of a plugin must be changed to the following one and contain the location of content folder.

    <source content-path="C:\outlook-app-files" />

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