Clear Cache in Firefox

Step 1: Clear cache

After major updates in KanBo, it's recommended to clear cache in each KanBo users' browser to avoid further issues.

Open Options in Firefox by clicking Option in right top corner.

Navigate to Privacy and Settings and pick Clear Now in Cached Web Content section

to see “Your web content cache is currently using 0,0 KB of disk space”.

Step 2: Clear local storage.

When you are still undergoing issues after KanBo update, you can perform following command in the browser console.

Please navigate to your KanBo Landing Page. This is a crucial issue because the local storage you're about to clear is connected to the URL of the KanBo Landing Page.

Select Developer option from Firefox settings.

Select Web Console.

Type localStorage.clear() (pay attention to capitalization) and then, click enter.

Then, successfully you will see “undefined” message.

To paste something in the console you will need to allow pasting first.

Now restart Firefox browser.

clearcache firefox

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