Redirect old KanBo address to the new one

In case you have many KanBo instances, you can split and update each instance to become a stand-alone KanBo Site. We provide a special migration tool and procedure to update your KanBo to 2.7 version. 

The whole KanBo data will be located only in the Content Database and the other databases won't be needed further. What is more, you can also set up a different domain for every single KanBo environment. 

The visible consequence of this change will be that your KanBo address will be shortened. You won't longer have /intranet/1# entry in your KanBo address. 

Example: your old address was After update it will be

There is an additional functionality allowing you to enter KanBo by old address and be redirected to the new one. 

To enable redirecting from an old KanBo address to the new one, please follow these steps.

Open your web.config in file editor.

Now you can add the following entry to <plugins> section. Adjust it to your needs.

       <instances-redirects prefix="/intranet">
         <kanbo id="1" url="/" />
         <kanbo id="2" url="" />

prefix - the name for instances prefix
id - instance id to the site in instances database ``
url - new url to the kanbo app ("/" means the current app)

In simple case ( where you had only one instance), the following entry will be sufficient.

   <instances-redirects prefix="/intranet">
         <kanbo id="1" url="/" />

Save web.config to propagate the change.

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