Generate KanBo.apps automatically

There is an additional plugin to create KanBo apps for you. The KanBo app is needed in case of new installations on SharePoint's app catalogue (in Cloud and On premise scenarios) and other scenarios I.e. changing KanBo address. 
To enable this functionality, a special entry needs to be added to your KanBo configuration (web.config file) in the <plugins> section. 

Configure plugin in the web.config
Open web.config in Azure Kudu Service or on your local machine. 

Add the following entry in <plugins> section. You can replace "app" with any word which is relatively hard to guess.

<sp-app url="app" />

You can also specify permissions your app has:
  available options are (case insensitive):

  •   right: Read, Write, Manage, FullControl
  •   scope: Tenant, SiteCollection, Web, List, Profiles


<permission right="fullcontrol" scope="web" />
<permission right="read" scope="profiles" />

Use it!

The format of app url is:
{your kanbo address}/plugins/{configured url}/{application name}.app

Enter it in your browser to generate the and download it.

Application name is exactly what you have provided.
If database exists, the version is stored in the database and is increased on every request. 
If not, build number 1 is always specified.
Product Id will be based on application name and authority, so generating the same app.

The following syntax can be used if you need to redirect to some other site than /Pages/Default.aspx
(which is the KanBo's default entrypoint)

<sp-app url="app" app-url="https://your-kanbo-address/custom-url>"

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