Forcing users to follow particular board

When on-boarding users to KanBo, one of the most important issues is to adapt them to a new enviroment. For an instance, when you are switching your old Intranet to KanBo board in which you will post your company-related information. At the beginning, some of the users might struggle with difficulties of understanding KanBo or finding a needed content. To help them you can set them a board following option from the database side.

Remember to do a database backup before try proceeding with this tip. You need to have an access to a KanBo database server. Use this statement to set up all board members to follow. Change KanBo Content database name and make a board from it (take it form the URL - eg. in this url board ID is 3)

USE KanBoContent2af6be7922f64d938aef239902ef3af4
declare @boardId int = 3;
merge ObservedTags AS obs
 CONCAT('board-', b.Id) as TagName, u.Id as UserId
 groups as g 
  join GroupUsers as gu 
   on g.Id = gu.Group_Id 
  join users as u 
   on gu.User_Id = u.Id 
  join PermissionSetGroups as psg 
   on psg.GroupId = g.Id 
  left join PermissionSets as ps 
   on ps.Id = psg.PermissionSetId 
  left join Boards as b 
   on b.PermissionSet_Id = ps.Id
where b.Id = @boardId) as users
ON users.TagName = obs.Name AND [User_Id] = users.UserId
WHEN NOT MATCHED THEN INSERT(Name, [User_Id]) VALUES(users.TagName, users.UserId);

Force kanbo users to follow a particular kanbo board

VoilĂ  - now all users can receive notifications from every action that takes place in this board. Why not set email notifications now?

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