Enable KanBo Analytics

KanBo Board analytics will help you understand what’s happening in a Board and give you an overview of all actions. 


For the Analytics components you will have to make sure that your KanBo databases are running on SQL Server 2016 (or higher). Older versions of SQL server are currently not supported.

For Azure SQL Server infrastructure, the appropriate SQL setting is set for databases created in 2018 year. If your Azure databases are older (created before 2018 year), a compatibility level has to be set on database to 130.

KanBo Analytics are a functionality available in KanBo 2.7. Make sure you have your KanBo version up-to-date.

Configuration in KanBo

1. Go to a directory on your server where KanBo is installed. Open the KanBo package and make sure that there is a KanBo.Statistics.dll located in the Extensions folder. If you can't find this dll file, contact KanBo Support at support@kanbozone.com.

2. Go to your web.config and add the following line in the <plugins> section.

<statistics />

Configuration of Databases

Open SQL Server Management Studio. Run the following query, pointing to your KanBo Content database. Remember to backup your Database before execution this query.

In case of Azure installation, there is no need to change Compatibility to 130.

ALTER DATABASE KanBoContentDatabase 

Now you can switch back to your IIS server where KanBo files are located. Enter IIS -> Application Pools. Now select the Application Pool of your KanBo and recycle it.

Use the Analytics!

Now once you open any Board in KanBo, you can choose the following icon to enter Analytics view.

The Analytics view will appear shortly.

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