"Something bad happened with AddtoGroup" error in email notifications

In certain cases you might get the following error in the message of an email notification:

Jeffijoe.MessageFormat.Formatting.VariableNotFoundException: The variable 'unknownBoard' was not found in the arguments collection.
  at Jeffijoe.MessageFormat.MessageFormatter.FormatMessage(String pattern, IDictionary`2 args)
  at KanBoNotificationParser.MessageFormatter.FormatMessage(String locale, String template, Dictionary`2 args)
  at KanBoNotificationParser.JSONResource.FormatActivity(String ActivityName, Dictionary`2 args)
  at KanBoNotificationParser.KanBoNotificationLocalizations.RenderNotification(JObject json, String from, Int32 receiverId, IActivityRenderer parts)

It means that these notifications are very old and not compatible with the new version of Kanbo your organization now has and, since the email notifications has been enabled recently, these "old" notifications are being sent to people which haven't entered KanBo before.

There is a solution to fix it. Please open the Content Database of KanBo in SQL Manager. Then please execute the following script on this database: 

UPDATE NotificationUsers SET WasMailed = 1

It will resen all MailNotification Counters to 0 and you should not be getting any errors with the email notifications.

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