Create a pair of certificates for KanBo components

In case you use the KanBo SharePoint Data Importer, KanBo Bot and KanBo Boards Importer, you will need to generate a Certificate. Follow these steps to generate it.

1. Download the MakeCert file.

MakeCert is available as part of the Windows SDK, which you can download from

You can also download the from us.

Please unzip it.

2. Open the file CreateCert.ps1 in Powershell ISE or any other Powershell program (when you open it, run it as administrator). Now you can edit it.

3. Enter paths to the folder where the Helpers folder and CreateCert.ps1 are stored for  $makecert  and  $pvk2pfx.

4. Enter the following data and save it

- $certname = "YourCertName"

- $pwd = "YourPassword"
- $outputDirectory = "TheDrivePathToTheCertificate"

The folder where "TheDrivePathToTheCertificate" leads should be previously created.

5. Launch the ps1 file (the Powershell script).

6. Enter passwords in the following windows (use the password given for the certificate earlier).

7. In the chosen folder (in our case: c:/certs) you will see three files:

.cer file - this certificate will be added to the web.config of KanBo

.pfx file - it will be used in the SharePoint Data Importer file with its password

.pvk file 

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