What certificates do I need to install KanBo on my premises?

How to install KanBo on premise version? What certificates do I need?

For KanBo on prem installation you will need 2 certificates:

First Certificate is to make a trusted connection between KanBo and SharePoint (Page 5 - Registering the self-signed certificate in SharePoint).

Second Certificate is needed for creation of the Web Application for KanBo on IIS (Page 4 - section 2f) this SSL certificate MUST be trusted.

There are 2 options to solve it; buy a certificate from a trusted authority like Geotrust or other SSL vendor for your domain. or follow these instructions http://forums.iis.net/t/1154007.aspx?Help+needed+SSL+certificate+replaced+but+site+delivers+old+one+still+

We recommend to buy an SSL certificate instead of setting up an environment for trusted self-signed certificates because this can be very cumbersome.

Also follow this guide: KanBo On-Premises Installation Guide.

Installation for Admin

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