What are the prerequisites for KanBo Farm?

This is an exemplary configuration of a KanBo Farm for on-premises installation for a small company.

Following specification covers recommended Setup for KanBo that is future proof and allows easy scaling out of the farm.

Virtual machines:

SharePoint Front-end: 16GB Ram, 4 CPU cores, 160GB HDD (SSD preferable)

SharePoint Back-end: 16GB Ram, 4 CPU cores, 160GB HDD (SSD preferable)

SQL Server: 8GB Ram, 4 CPU cores, 160GB HDD (SSD preferable)

(Optional) OWA Server: 4GB Ram, 2 CPU cores, 160GB HDD

KanBo App server: 8GB Ram, 2 CPU cores, 160GB HDD


2x SharePoint Server 2013 Standard or higher (or free SharePoint 2013 Foundation)

100x SharePoint Server 2013 Standard or higher Client Access Licenses (not applicable if SharePoint Foundation)

4x SQL Server 2016 Core (or free SQL Express)

a number of KanBo User licenses depending on number of users

Domains: Both SharePoint and KanBo will run on dedicated domains or subdomains eg: kanbosp.yourdomain.com and kanbo.yourdomain.com pointing relatively to SharePoint Front-end and KanBo App server

SSL Certificates: One wildcard certificate for the root domain or two separate SSL certificated for both domains

SharePoint configuration:

Web application running on https:// (port 443)

User Profiles Service Application configured to import users form AD

SharePoint farm configured for apps https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fp161236%28v=office.15%29.aspx

If you want to have the feature of KanBo Email notifications: support open relay SMTP servers and servers that require authentication (http://community.kanbozone.com/topics/74-setting-up-kanbo-email-notifications-on-premise/)

If you want to have the feature of  KanBo Outlook app: Requires Microsoft Exchange 2013 or higher (http://community.kanbozone.com/topics/73-kanbo-outlook-app-installation/). It requires also Office 2013 or higher.

Step by step KanBo installation can be found here http://community.kanbozone.com/topics/80-kanbo-on-premises-installation-sharepoint-20132016/

Please be aware that it is also possible to run all services on one or two virtual machines (1. SharePoint + SQL + KanBo; 2. Optional OWA Server)

If you have SharePoint already set up - all you need is a separate KanBo Server - all other resources can be reused and there is no need for additional hardware or software licenses. 

You can also check the installation structure in the on-premises scenario in an Architect Stack Diagram.

Installation for Admin

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