Create a new Board

A Board is a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development, though a board can represent anything and have a variety of uses. Boards have a collection of lists, and lists contain cards.

You must be a KanBo manager to add Boards. There is a possibility of giving the right to create new boards to all users. See more here in Openbook article.

To add a Board in a KanBo, click on + Button below board group's name.

Now choose Add Board from the menu. You can also add links to your KanBo Home if you choose to add a link.

Enter a board's name and select a color. Click add to create a board.

You can also choose your Board to be a Public Board or a Private Board. Public Boards can be viewed by every user in KanBo as well as added to his Personal KanBo Home. View access doesn't depend on having any permission to the Board. 

If you don't enable a Public Board, your Board will be created as a Private Board

Once you are adding a new Board with a name which is similar to other Boards’ names, you will be shown with a Suggested Boards pop-up.

The communicate will inform you that you are creating a Board with a similar name. Suggested Boards' colors will be indicated in the pop-up. You can open a suggested Board and it will be opened in a new tab of a browser.

Click Add anyway to create a new Board despite the communicate.

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