Card date

You can add an own and custom date to a card. This date might be any other date than a start date and a due date. It might be very handy to appoint milestones in your project or any events which appear through completing work in a card. This date can have a name which is created by you. Every user in a card will see this date as its visibility is public.

Adding a card date

Click on Add date button and select Card date.

Choose a date and hour for your date and save these values. Unlike in Start and Due dates, you can change the default name "Card date" to a custom name.

Edit a card date

You can change name and date on your Custom date.

To change a name, click on a card's name.

Enter a custom name for this date. Click Save button.

You can click on the date to change the timing for it.

Remove a  card date

To remove your card date, hover over a date and click on the following button next to your Card date's name. Select Remove date.

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I'm trying to find out what a card date is. This definition isn't clear: "You can add an own and custom date to a card."


there are 4 types of Card dates:

  1. Start Date - to indicate the start of a card
  2. Due Date - to indicate the end of a card
  3. Custom Date - it's called a card date now and we are talking about it now. This date can something custom, like a milestone of your project or anything you choose. This date will be visible to everyone in a card.
  4. Personal date - it's a personal date which is only visible to you. You can figure out a custom name for it as well, but visibility is different than in a custom card date.