ToDo Lists

A ToDo list is a way of keeping track of smaller items within a card. You can use it a checklist of steps which have to be performed in order to complete a Card.

We have discontinued keeping Task lists in KanBo 2.7. Read more here.

Create a ToDo list

To create a new ToDo list, click on +Add element. Now select Todo list. You can change its default name to a new one and select Add.

Add ToDo items

To add new items to your ToDo list, click on +Add item under the ToDo list. After you type your ToDo item name, press on Add.

Tip: You can use rich text in to do items.

Remove ToDo items

Hover your cursor over an ToDo item and select 


Now select Remove.

Mark ToDo items as complete

Click on the 

button to mark your ToDo item as complete.

Convert ToDo item to card

Hover your cursor over an item and select 


Now select Convert to card.

Now choose a Board (start typing its name or select it from drop down menu) and a list to which you would like to add this newly created card.

Convert a ToDo item to subcard

Hover your cursor over an item and select 


Now select Convert to subcard.


When you move a user’s avatar into ToDo items, you now will be able to choose if you would like to mention user or convert this ToDo item into a subcard


If in a ToDo item a person is mentioned (@Name Lastname) and you convert this item into a subcard or card, this mentioned person will be assigned as person responsible for this card or subcard. If there are many users assigned to a ToDo item, the first one will be assigned as a person responsible and other users will become co-workers. 

Covert ToDo list into a subcard group

You can convert entire ToDo list into a Subcard group. In this case a new Subcard group will be created with the same name. You can chose a destination board and list where these subcards will be created. ToDo items will become subcards in this group.

When a ToDo list is empty, you cannot convert it into a Subcard group.

Move ToDo lists and items

You can move the order of many ToDo lists using Drag&Drop. You can do the same to change order of items within one ToDo list.

Remove a ToDo list

To remove a Todo list, select button and then select Remove.

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