Moving cards between Lists and Boards

There are 2 ways of moving a Card between Lists. You can do it in a Board's view and inside a Card as well.

You can also move Cards between Boards.

Moving a Card in a Board view

To move a Card to another List just drag and drop it on the Board view.

Moving Cards between Lists without leaving a Card.

Just behind the title of the Board where the card is in you see the name of the List the card is currently in. You can click on the name of the List and a menu with all available lists opens. Now you can choose to which list you would like to move the card without leaving it – it saves a lot of time and you can use it in a mobile browser.

Moving a Card between Boards

You can also move your Card between Boards without leaving your Card.

When you move a card between boards, the following actions will be performed to KanBo elements:
- when a person is added as responsible to card and this user is added to destination board, this user will have the same role after moving a card (will be still be responsible),
- If responsible user is present in destination board then for card cooworkers: if cooworker is present in destination board, then he will have the same role after moving a card. If co-worker is not present in destination board, he will be removed from the card and only responsible person (present in the board) will remain in the moved card,
- when label has the name name and color in the source and destination board, it will be moved to the destination board. If the label doesn't match this condition, it will be removed from card in the destination board.
- if a subcard is added to card, it will moved with a card,

- if there is asubcard group, it will be moved with a card,

- if there are documents in card, they will be added as new documents to the destination board

- if there are card dates in card, they will be moved to the destination board with this card,

- if card status was set to a card and it is not available in destination board, it won't be moved with a card. The default status of destination board will be set to a moved card.

In its view, click on Move button on the left sidebar of a Card.

Now you can select a Board (from the dropdown menu or start typing its name to search for it) and then a List in that Board you would like to move your Card to.

You can also use Quick Actions from the Board view to moving your card. 

Advanced scenario - moving card which contains documents from custom Document libraries (Document Sources).

In this scenario, there are boards A and B. Board A contains a default Document Source and a custom one, added from another Site Collection. Board B contains a default Document Source and a custom one, added from another Site Collection which is chosen as default in this board.

There is a card C in board A, which contains 2 documents: one (1) from default Document Source and one (2) from the custom Document source. When you move card C into board B, only document 1 will be added to board B and document 2 will remain the same (it won't be added again or overwritten).

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I tried to move a card with one subcard from one board to another board. But just the root-card was moved. The subcard is still in the source board.

The cards are simple cards, without any attachments, todo-lists or something else. Both cards, parent and child card a in the same list of the source board. See attached image

Any ideas, what could be the reason that moving cards and subcards to the same board doesn't work. Is it a general setting, which should be activated? 

Thanks in advance

The subcards are not moved when parent cards are moved between boards, the relations between cards are preserved even after moving a card between boards. You can have card relations between cards that are in different boards. 

this means, just the relation will be moved with the card and the real card will stay at the source-board

okay, but in which case it is possible to move parent- and child-cards to a target board? Is it possilbe, or do I have to move each card manually?

For me, the description sounds like, that it is possible to move both to target board.

  • if a subcard is added to card, it will moved with a card,
  • if there is asubcard group, it will be moved with a card,


    The subcard group is an entity that exists as an element of the card and the meaning of the description is that if you move the card all of its contents including all elements and documents will be moved. The referenced cards are just "pretty links" to other cards. The linked cards will NOT be moved automatically as they can be pread accross several boards and have even their own children spread accross other boards again. by moving you would start a domino effect that cannot be undone.

    Keeping it short: Yes, you have to move the whole "card family" one by one between boards.

    Thanks, got it! As I already wrote on your first question. 

    I was a bit confused.

    In this case, we have to move it manually between the boards. The best case would be to use subcards as little as possible.


    It all depends.

    We do recommend to have a Master Board, where you have all your significant tasks, projects, initiatives, targets, stratehgies - whatever is your vision of a master plan.

    Then as you go and break down the master cards into small pieces I personally love to do it with Todos ( where you can create several of these lists inside of a card. Then you start to drag & drop them to put them into the right order or even move them between the Lists (all inside of a card). Once I am  done and I like the small pieces, I use the convert the TodoList into a SubCard Group which converts all todos into subcards and keeps the well organized inside of subcard groups. Now, es I am converting I choose another Board where the small pieces of the master Cards will be performed - If it is only one team then you have only one board for the small pieces but if let sey someone from another department needs to deliver somethhing you might to create cards during the conversion in the board of that department.

    From the master card you can see how things are progressing as you see the previews of the sub cards and you can react fast if something gets out of hand. This simple 2-Level zoom will give you the perfect control of progress in a natural way.


    Thanks for your help - my approach is very similar to yours.

    I have a additional question, maybe you could help me out one more time ;)

    As described in the article, the label should exists on the card, if the label exists in both boards (source and target board)

    if label from card is not available in destination board, the label will be removed from a card after moving it (a card won't have any labels assigned after move action),

    But the sentence in the bracket is confusing me. Sounds like that tags are not survive in general

    Does anyone have an idea? If the label is available at the target board, should the label exsits as well on the source board, when the I move a card?


    The excerpt of the article is confusing me.

    Would be great if this feature is available!

    Thanks for you help

    In the next update by the End of February 2019 we will let labels with the same name and color in the target board through. The article above will be updated accordingly.