KanBo Home icons and sections

The KanBo Home is a starting page visible when you enter your KanBo address. Boards here are arranged by you personally as you manage Boards from there.


Let’s look on the top left corner of KanBo Home. It contains a grey vertical menu as well as a white horizontal menu.

White and the grey section

It consists of:


Boards. The default view for Boards.

Discover boards. This button will redirect you to a page where you can look for Boards in which you are added, or which are public boards. This will allow you to search for such boards and add them to your KanBo Home.


Users. This button allows you to enter User section which allows you to see Active users, Inactive Users, and Managers.

Closed Boards. This button allows you to see all Closed Boards to which you have access. You can reopen a Board from this section if you are Owner of it.

Settings. The most general KanBo settings.

The white top menu

This button hides the menu by minimalizing it.

KanBo Home. If you click this button, you will be redirected to the primary KanBo Home view. If it’s highlighted in blue, it means that you are already in this view.

Board groups section

Board groups are collections of boards, arranged by users individually.

Add a new board group. This button allows you to add a new board group. 

 Board group’s title and collapse/expand button. The button allows you to collapse boards and to expand them in the group. 

The Board’s tile. It is a board which is added to the board group. Tile contains a title of this board as well as 2 buttons: Board general info button and Activities button (which can be displayed on mouse hover or is visible when there are unseen new activities in this board). Board tile might be equipped with “Public” indicator when if it is a public board. 

General board info. This button allows you to enter a section with information about this board. This button appears on hover of board's tile.

Activities button. This button appears on hover. Click on it to see the Activity stream of this board. In case, when there are unseen activities in this Board since your last visit, the Activity button will be visible with a number of actions which appeared since the last visit.

Link. This is a custom link created by user individually.

Add a new board. With this button you can create new boards if you are a KanBo Manager.

Board general info

Board general info appears when you click on the (i) button.

This section will show you the most important information regarding your board (project), i.e. who is responsible, what’s the budget (in a chosen currency), start date, end date, description. If you are an owner of this board, you can start to edit these fields.

Discover boards

Discover boards. This pop-up appears when you are added to a board or a new public board is created. You can see all boards that can be added to your KanBo Home here.

Add. Use this button to add a board to KanBo Home.

Close. Use this button to close the proposal of board and remove it from Discover boards pop-up. You can add it later using Discover Boards.

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