Add and remove users

In the middle of the left panel, you have a section which serves to manage users with access to this board.

1. Click on the Users section button.

2. You will see now all users added to this Board. They will be grouped by their permission level: Owners, Members, and Visitors. When you are an owner of this board, you can add users from here using the +Add button in every group.

3. Click on

 and then on Manage users button to add or remove users or user groups.

You can also see here permission levels of users to this Board - who is an Owner, Member or a Visitor.

3. To add users as owners, members or visitors, enter the matching section. Then click +Add users. 

 Select members you would like to add or type their names in the Find user field and select them as well. Click on Add selected.

Users have been successfully added.

4. Changing permissions in a Board.

To change permissions in a Board, simply add a user into a different group and remove the user from his previous group.

We have improved changing permissions in a Board by yourself.

For example, if you remove yourself from Board Owners while being also in Visitors group, you will have your permissions removed immediately. The change of permissions in a Board will be applied in real time.

In this short video, you will see removing the user from Visitors group and adding him to members. As a consequence, the user will become a Board member.

5. Adding User Groups to Boards

In KanBo, all users must be added to the Landing Page of KanBo and then be added to certain Boards as managers, owners or visitors. As a Board manager, you can add users one by one to Boards or take advantage of possibility user groups have to offer. By use of this feature, you can add a whole group at once to a Board within a few clicks. Read more about creating and managing user groups here.

Adding a User Group to a Board

In order to add members of a User group, enter a Board where you would like to add a user group to.

Click on the Users section in this Board and then click on Manage Users button.

To add a User Group to a Board, click on +Add (User groups) button.

Select a group you would like to add to a Board. After choosing it, click on Add selected.

Selected user groups and all its members have been successfully added to a Board.

6. Remove users from Board

If you want to remove user from a board, in Manage Users section, click on 

button and choose Remove from group option.

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