Personal KanBo Home

Personal KanBo Home displays all Boards which you have added to it. 

These Boards might contain Private KanBo Boards in which you are a Owner, Member or Guest or Public Boards which you joined as a member or not. 

An exemplary view of Personal KanBo Home with Boards collected into Board Groups.

1. Organizing Boards in Board Groups on the Personal KanBo Home

In Personal KanBo Home, you can arrange all Boards as you need and only you will be able see your composition of Boards in Board Groups (as every Personal KanBo Home composition is individual to each user).

Groups can stand for projects, departments or custom organization of tasks boards. Boards can be moved between groups using drag and drop option. 

You can arrange your Personal KanBo Home composition with existing Board Groups or add a new one.

You can create new Board Groups freely by using +Add Board group buttons on the top and bottom of KanBo.  After writing down a name, select Add.

Once the new Board Group is created, you can:

- add new Boards (if you are KanBo manager or Openbook functionality is allowed in your organization).

- Move other Boards by Drag&Drop from other Board Groups.

- Move the Board Group to another position between other Board Groups.

2. Adding Boards to Personal KanBo Home.

You can add to Personal KanBo Home:

- Private Boards in which you are an Owner, Member or Visitor,

- Public Boards, which you have joined or to which you have been added to or ones you haven't joined or haven't been added (as Public Boards can be viewed by everyone).

In order to add a Board to Personal KanBo Home:

 1) First method is adding a Board. This required Manager status in KanBo or having the Openbook functionality enable in your KanBo (if you are not a KanBo manager).

2) Add them from Discover Boards pop-up

This pop-up will inform you that you can add a Private (when someone adds you to it) or Public Board (all of them) to your Personal KanBo Home.

Click Add and chosen Board will be added to your first Board Group.

3) Add them from Discover Boards section

Enter Discover Boards section by clicking on the button on the top menu of KanBo. You will see here all Private and Public Boards you can add to Personal KanBo Home by using the Add button.

You can also use Search field to look for an exact Board.

You will see boards which have your keyword in the first place. The other boards will be ones which include a card with your keyword inside them.

Added Board will be added to the first Board Group on your Personal KanBo Home. You can move it to another Board Group by Drag&Drop.

4) Removing a Board from Personal KanBo Home.

Simply click on the left top side of a Board tile and click on three dots button.

Now select Remove.


  • In a scenario where you have a couple of browser's tabs pointing to Personal KanBo Home opened and you remove a Board from Personal KanBo Home on one of them, this change will be applied and the Board will disappear in all tabs.
  • Once this kind of Board is added to your Personal KanBo Home, it can be deleted permanently by Board Owner and then, it will also disappear from your Personal KanBo Home.
  • When a Board Owner closes a Board which is added to your Personal KanBo Home, it will be indicated by the following sign. You can still remove this Board from your Personal KanBo Home.

When you add all Boards which can be added to your KanBo Home, you will receive the following communicate. 

It's your move now! Get instant access to KanBo!

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