MyBoard is the best way of organizing your boards. Imagine that you have multiple assigned cards across many boards. To check and assign priorities for tasks you need to focus on boards and make a decision based on your memory and thoughts.

By using MyBoard, you can bring KanBo cards from other Boards to visualize your personal stream of work. Prioritize and depict your current workload. Manage your Personal KanBan of work while all cards in this particular Board are mirrors of cards from origin project Boards. Movements of cards in your Personal KanBan do not have any effect in the origin project Boards. Whenever you open a Card it is always up to date and all changes are visible in real-time.

To enter MyBoard choose corresponding option under menu of your profile picture in right upper corner.

MyBoard's Timeline

MyBoard has its own Timeline. It is similar to according Board's functionality, but MyBoard's Timeline will show you only events from Cards of your MyBoard. You will be presented with indication of Start datesDue datesCard dates and Personal dates in the MyBoard’s Timeline and the dates will be indicated with different icons. 

View MyBoard cards in the Calendar

The MyBoard Calendar view shows all cards that have a date and are added to your MyBoard on a calendar.

Start datesDue datesCard dates and Personal dates (only for a person which created them) will be visible in the Calendar and indicated with different icons.

When there are several events on a single day, you will see i.e."+2 more". Click on the message to see all dates belonging to a term.

You can change views between Month, Week and Day.

The Board view in MyBoard

You can also view your Cards in the "Boards" view - every column of your MyBoard will have Cards organized by Boards to which they belong to.

Once you have added dates to Cards in your MyBoard, they will appear as items on the Timeline. Now you can click on items and move them to another date on Timeline. The chosen Card date will be changed accordingly to your choice.

Followed cards

You can open Followed cards section to see all cards which you follow across all boards.

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