KanBo Managers

KanBo Managers have the highest privileges in KanBo. They are a special group of users which are able to configure KanBo-wide settings, add users and create new Boards.

Explore Managers section

To see KanBo managers, enter Users section on the KanBo Home and select Managers. 

Now go to Managers tab.

Promote user to become a Manager

To promote a user to become a Manager, go to Active Users tab, select three dots button (more) near the user's icon and select Promote to Manager.

Demote a manager to a common user (member)

If you would like to remove manager permissions from users, go to Managers tab, hover the cursor over user and select three dots button (more).

Now select Demote to the member.

Managers' abilities

KanBo managers can:

  • Create new boards
  • Configure document sources
  • Add new users to KanBo
  • Configure KanBo-wide settings:
    • explore and perform actions in KanBo config (Setup)
    • explorer and perform actions in underlying SharePoint
    • check the version of KanBo
    • set a language of the interface (English, German, Polish and Spanish)
    • disable and enable deletion of Board.
    • see the amount of KanBo licenses
    • see a number of users (normal and lite) in this KanBo instance

Here's the view of KanBo Home of a person which is a KanBo manager. This person not only is allowed to create Boards but also sees the Settings icon on the left menu.

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