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Bestätigen mit Enter

justtry 2 years ago in KanBo Elemente / Karte • updated 2 years ago 2

Um wie gewohnt mit Shortcuts zu arbeiten wäre es nice, die Kategorien-Auswahl von Karten mit Enter bestätigen zu können, sowie Kommentare mit Enter abzusenden. ;) Cheers

Under review

Thank you for submitting this request, I will pass it to our Development team.

For now, you can use several shortcuts:

- Use CRTL+Enter shortcut to speed up adding new Cards to a List in a Board's view. When you finish writing a Card's name, simply click this combination and a new empty Card will be added in your List.

- You can also speed up adding tasks to a Task List by using the CRTL + Enter shortcut after finishing writing a task's name. A new task will be added straight away.

thx for fast feedback ;)