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Show labels and status of virtual cards (e.g. in Myboard)

Herbert von Kaufmann 3 months ago in Features / MyBoard updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 3 months ago 1

This idea also extends to the upcoming "guest Card" Feature, and I believe it is realy important, and should be (solved) as follows:

Virtual Cards (e.g. all Cards in Myboard) should show their Card Status (if any) and Label (if any) in the way it is defined in the board they are "physically" located, no matter if there is some collusion with e.g. simular Labels from another virtual Card from an other board. This is fine, because a Card has to be understood in the meta context by the board it belongs to.

In my view this would be a Major step Forward in Managing different Cards out of different boards in myboard, as well as in the context of the guest Card concept later on.