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Suggestion for minor improvement to show that info of a board is filled with content

Herbert von Kaufmann 2 months ago in Features / Board updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 2 months ago 1

To show users on a board collection level, that there is a description of a board available, it might make sense to highlight the "i" differnently to a board, there no description has filled in


How can I add a GANTT chart to a board if there is none in the left menu?

laetitia.fritz-laurens 5 months ago in Features / Board updated by Kate Bo (Support) 4 months ago 1
Kate Bo (Support) 4 months ago

Hello Laetitia,

You can enable Board Gantt Chart if you are an owner of a Board.

1. Go to Settings of Board.

2. Select General.

3. Enable Gantt chart here by clicking on this button.

Best regards,

Katarzyna Bobrowska