Visualise sub cards relationship

Yves 1 year ago in Features / List • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 11 months ago 3

In cards lists we can see an icon on a card indicating a card has children but we cannot see when a card has a parent and we cannot see which card is a child of which card.

Adding an icon for cards with parent would be nice.

And simple highlight on a mouse rollover on all the cards with the same parent child relationship would be even better.

Although in the Gant chart we can see which card has children and who are the children if we expand it. The children are also part of the chart as single entities and the same rollover function would be also welcome in the gant chart.


We are thinking about a solution and have already some ideas but roll over is not acceptable because it does not work on touch screens.



We were having the same issue with the child/parent indication.

For me the most irritating thing is to look on the overview where all Cards are shown and I can not distinguish if the card is a child or a parent (the little Symbol that the card has a child is only shown on the parent ). Also it would be helpful when one cardfamily is highlighted in some way.Then you can tell in a second which card belongs to which family.

Some ideas:

  •  a filter option with: Show only parents/ children
  •  all child- cards are smaller than the parents
  •  Each family has an individual colour which can be chosen individually 


Anne, thank you so much for your input. Your Ideas how to solve it are brilliant.


You are in Board View, you klick on Card Quick Actions or on the small Children icon, you select "show family" or "show family tree". When you select "show family" then you apply a filter that shows you only the family members that are inside of this board and you can switch board views (List, status, users, calendar, gantt, etc) and you will only see the related cards that are inside of the board you are in. Selecting "show family tree" will present you the complete family tree even from other boards as a kind of Mindmap where you will see responsible people, relations, type of relations, time related things like overdue cards, and what boards these cards come from. 


Since we are in the middle of specification and UI design for that this set of features I cannot give you more hoping that what I explained makes sense to you and will help you to get closer to the ideal solution, which we as KanBo team are always chasing :)