Transparency of user authorisations

Laura Trosin 2 years ago in Users • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 1 year ago 7

Since updating to KanBo 2.5 user authorisations are not transparent anymore: Only board owners have an overview of the user authorisations via the user management whereas board members or visitors only see who is authorised but not on which level.

This is probably due to the egalitarian apprach of the tool (and yes, it could be an option to ask in the board chat/discussions e.g. who is a board owner and has permission to add more board members) but at the same time for me this opacity doesn't really fit to KanBo where everything else is transparent.

For a future version it would be nice to have the user authorisations transparently shown in every board again. 

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Hello Laura,

We plan to change the users list appearance in a Board. In the succeeding versions of KanBo you will be able to expand the users list and user Board levels will be visible in this view.

Best regards,

Katarzyna Bobrowska

Release 2.6

today when you open a users section it is optimized for drag&drop. on the right hand side behind the board user search there is a button, that allows you to display more details of the users like email and full name - that is th eplace where you will be able to see the permission level of that user inside of a board.

Feature is under development for the next version.

You mean in the list view of board members? Here?


The permission level will be visible under user's name (it will be a third line of text).

Ok, I see. I just don't really get why user administration was changed in the first place.

Is it because you did not want to have a hierachical depiction of the board members? Because at first sight it seems easier to me to depict the members according to their authorisation level instead of making this information only visible when you check out the users. It is more people-oriented this way than hierarchy-oriented, I guess. Is that the reason?

 It was a decision of changing the UI from the previous version of KanBo.