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Add new cards directly on MyBoard

Raphael Renneissen 3 years ago in Features / MyBoard • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 2

As an end user, I would like the option to add new cards directly on MyBoard. Use case is such that not every card will have its home on another board which feeds into the MyBoard. Such things could be tasks that fall out of bigger projects or simply things that I have to do that are not pertinent to others in the organization.

My current workaround: I created a new personal collection of boards, added a new list and put all personal tasks in that list and send them to MyBoard from there.


Visualise sub cards relationship

Yves 11 months ago in Features / List • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 8 months ago 3

In cards lists we can see an icon on a card indicating a card has children but we cannot see when a card has a parent and we cannot see which card is a child of which card.

Adding an icon for cards with parent would be nice.

And simple highlight on a mouse rollover on all the cards with the same parent child relationship would be even better.

Although in the Gant chart we can see which card has children and who are the children if we expand it. The children are also part of the chart as single entities and the same rollover function would be also welcome in the gant chart.


Reihenfolge Kategorien

Henning Meier 2 years ago in Features / Board • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 12 months ago 4

Hallo liebes KanBo-Team,

wie kann die Reihenfolge von Kategorien in den Board-Einstellungen geändert werden?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
i. A. Henning Meier

Under review

Choosing a card template during the Email to Card conversion

Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 3 years ago in Add-ins / Outlook app • updated by Steve Pugh 3 years ago 0

Using the Outlook App should allow you to select an existing Card Template.

When enabling Email to Board feature in Board settings there should be a possibility to select the default card template for Email to Card conversion.


Connect existing KanBo Board with Emailadress

Oliver Schreiber 3 years ago in Features / Board • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 12 months ago 3

Hello Support Team,

is it possible to connect our Emailadress with existing KanBo Board?

We want to create new cards by getting content by incoming Emails.

Under review

Export board as image or pdf

Henning Meier 1 year ago in Features / Board • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 1 year ago 1

It would be nice if KanBo supports an board-export as image oder pdf.

Tell us more

Relation between two or more boards.

kris.becker 8 months ago in Features • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 7 months ago 1

One Person is using one board. After Setting a Card on completed you want to move the Card to another board for other People. Than it will be great if the Card keeps the Labels (categories) and informations.

Maybe ist possible to create a relation between one or more boards with the same Labels (categories)?

The issue is that the Labels are getting lost after moving the Card to another board. if you now copy the Labels to another board, so everything will be the same, maybe it will work than?

Release 3.0

Allow groupes in MyBoard

Yves 11 months ago in Features / MyBoard • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 10 months ago 1

While we can create groups and use them to easily give access to boards, these same groups should be usable within MyBoard so the user could give access to his MyBoard.

That way, each time a user is added or removed from the group the access to the users' board is current. The users cannot modify these groups. Maybe the users could also have personal groups.

An example is having a projet managers group that will always have access to ressources MyBoards an have a view of their avaibility.



Drag and Drop Kartenverantwortlicher

justtry 2 years ago in Features / Card • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 12 months ago 2

Was wenn man ein Kartenmitglied per drag and drop zum Kartenverantwortlichen machen könnte?


so simple - so clean - so KanBo!

We will do it ASAP.


Incoming emails: labels created on a card

Herbert von Kaufmann 1 month ago • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 1 month ago 2

currently it works from my understanding that way: If #Lablename is mentioned in the subject of the email, it tries to match it do existing lables (e.g. misspelled #coference is matched to conference as an existing Label). But if there is no match, it takes the first categorie defined in the board.

Suggestion: If there is no match, no Label should be taken