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Incoming emails: labels created on a card

Herbert von Kaufmann 4 months ago • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 4 months ago 2

currently it works from my understanding that way: If #Lablename is mentioned in the subject of the email, it tries to match it do existing lables (e.g. misspelled #coference is matched to conference as an existing Label). But if there is no match, it takes the first categorie defined in the board.

Suggestion: If there is no match, no Label should be taken


Individual customization of notifications

Lukas 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 3

Although KanBo already is quite customizable our team identified the wish to also customize the notifications.

The idea is, for example, to be able to set different colors (or other options) for different kinds of notifications. In addition, the different kinds of notifications could also be prioritized individually.

Under review

Working with folders in KanBo documents - make drag and drop possible to move docs into subfolders

Herbert von Kaufmann 1 month ago • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 1 month ago 1

otherwise one has to open sharepoint directly to move docs, and that's neither very convienent nor very inituitive