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Drag and Drop Kartenverantwortlicher

justtry 2 years ago in Features / Card • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 12 months ago 2

Was wenn man ein Kartenmitglied per drag and drop zum Kartenverantwortlichen machen könnte?


so simple - so clean - so KanBo!

We will do it ASAP.


List of Labels not really visible, if it´s longer then the screen-list

Markus Besch 2 months ago in Features / Card 0

if my list of lables for example is longer then the once i see on the first screen when i select label, i don´t get enough signals that there are more labels to select. i manually have to hover over the list and go down to see, if there´s something more.

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personal dates and card dates

Markus Besch 3 months ago in Features / Card • updated by Herbert von Kaufmann 2 months ago 4

wouldn´t it be helpful to offer a funtion to give a personal or card date a "fulfilled" status (like the delete function already today). And after fulfilled the date is deleted, but a statusentry in the stream indicates the fulfillness of that date.


Recurring cards available?

lukas_maximilian.kruse 3 months ago in Features / Card • updated by Kate Bo (Support) 3 months ago 2

Dear Kanbo support,


In my team there came up the question if recurring cards are available in Kanbo as well? For example, in Outlook you create a recurring appointment once and it appears automatically several times within the time frame you have set. Since we have cards that are basically the same every month it would be great if they show up automatically every month.


Looking forward to your answer! Thanks a lot in advance




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Labels not carrying over/not displaying on MyBoard

Raphael Renneissen 3 years ago in Features / Card • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 2

Cards that are displayed on MyBoard do not show the labels that they received on their native board. See screenshots.

1) On the ToDo Work board the card has a label

2) The same card displayed on MyBoard doesn't show the label