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Drag and Drop Kartenverantwortlicher

justtry 1 year ago in Features / Card • updated by Michal Sobotkiewicz (Customers Advocate) 8 months ago 2

Was wenn man ein Kartenmitglied per drag and drop zum Kartenverantwortlichen machen könnte?


so simple - so clean - so KanBo!

We will do it ASAP.

Under review

Card Activity Dates

Bill Burke 2 years ago in Features / Card • updated by Kate Bo (Support) 2 years ago 1

Provide date of activity as apposed to "7 days ago".

Release 3.0

Labels not carrying over/not displaying on MyBoard

Raphael Renneissen 2 years ago in Features / Card • updated by Rafal Wasil 2 years ago 2

Cards that are displayed on MyBoard do not show the labels that they received on their native board. See screenshots.

1) On the ToDo Work board the card has a label

2) The same card displayed on MyBoard doesn't show the label